Short Video Status App

Short Video Status App
02 ,February 2021 Mobile

Splash Screen
Intro Pages
Latest Video
Most views Video
Popular Video
Categories wise Video
Downloaded Videos
Follwing videos
Favorites Videos

Multi Dynamic Languages
Search by using categories,title,keywords,language
Share Videos(Whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram…)
watch Video Offline 
Load more on scroll more videos
Notification by using firebase
privacy policy,Contact us pages, about us page
Custom advertise
Settings (Notification ,Advertise, google adsense , facebook add)
AdMob Ads
Facebook Network Audiance

Ask to rate app when exit
Ask Update when new update available
And Many other features

Manage Categories
Manage videos
Manage Languages
Manage Notificatoin
Manage Advertise 
Manage Admob and related settings
Manage Notifications
Manage Custom Alert System for All users

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