Hostel Management System

Hostel Management System
03 ,January 2021 Website

Hostel management system offers a full featured accomodation system to efficiently manage the entire residential facility.
Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel accomodation software will keep the updated records of user, hostel admission and fees, room  transfer room and monthly mess and it's bill calculation, student certificates, reports, hostel stores, accounts and hostel staff payroll.


  • Hostel infrastructure
  • Branch Creation
  • Building information
  • Rooms Creation and allotment system
  • Floors Creation 
  • Room and mess allotment
  • Room information
  • Room strength
  • Room assets and details
  • Room facilities
  • Mess creation and management
  • Student information
  • Student details
  • Room allocation/availability
  • Room shifting
  • Student in and out attendance
  • Mess bill collection & Hostel bills Master
  • Maintenance Charges and Repairs
  • Daily expenses of Hostel
  • Visitor Record
  • Mess bill calculation
  • Fines and Payroll

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